Meet Our Designers

We are now LIVE with our Winter Collection this month and are extremely excited
about the same.

After months of hard work by a lot of people at Earthen Me, we have a vibrant and peppy range of bags to showcase to the world.

It is indeed a challenge to create stunning designs to enable the consumers to break away from the stereotypical idea of bags and switch to bags, which are environment conscious, sustainable yet, fashionable and stylish.

All that said and done, it would only be apt to have a look at the two designers who are the faces behind understanding our ideas and creating a colorful compilation of jute bags.

Introducing Neha Thawali and Tanaya Agarwal, the two young minds behind the
new launch. We managed to catch hold of them for a short question-answer session
about the bags that they designed. Here’s a little sneak peak into the interaction.

Please tell us about yourself


I’m a curious person who is always eager to learn and grow. I believe in designing functional and beautiful products. I enjoy traveling, photography, crafts, recycling and up cycling. Currently I am a student of the National Institute of Design,Ahmedabad. I aspire to design products that make a difference and make people happy.


Explorer. Observer. Wanderer. Love for materials, textures, handicrafts, origami,illustrations, doodling, traveling, photography. Masters degree in Lifestyle accessory design from the National Institute of Design and Bachelors degree in Textile design from NIFT.

What were the motivations behind the designs for the winter collection?


The winter collection expresses contemporary flavor with a mix of culture and
quirkiness. The spirit lies in bold and simple design that speaks for itself.


The inspiration behind the collection was basic color blocking that can be found all around us. The idea was to bring out the beauty of Jute as a material and emphasize its structural quality by using basic shapes highlighted by a mix of colors and interesting detailing. The outcome would be a classy understated look.

If you were to pick one, which one is your favorite design?


My favorite one is the one with camera. I like the camera bag because it’s a new
funky design, which I feel can be a great pick for casual days. It is simple
minimalistic and playful.

Neha’s favorite design:

Life is a picture Camera jute tote bag


I liked the white and blue knotted design above the rest because it is one that
changes the perception of Jute as a material. It not only moves beyond the
perception that Jute should be a material used for shopping bags but also takes it to the realm of being a formal, classy edition to any wardrobe, at power with any brand.

Eco Jute earthen me handbag

You can reach Neha @


You can view Tanaya’s portfolio @


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Winter Collection 2015-16

Earthen Me Jute Bags

For a fashion company, the launch of any new collection is like a full term labour for an expecting mother. You are excited, anxious and a million other emotions all rolled into one.

At Earthen Me, it is our constant endeavour to create exciting designs that will encourage consumers to fashionably make a switch to buying products which are more responsible towards our environment. This time we collaborated with two new designers who have strikingly different taste when it comes to design. This allowed us to bring in much needed variety in our collection.

Our first set of handbags are designed for the young, ambitious women who are courageous, are not afraid to speak out their heart, are independent and are working hard to shape the new India. These Jute handbags are spacious, strong and have been styled to match with your western formals, Indian formals or smart casuals – something that you would wear to your office daily. The colour palettes have been chosen keeping in mind the subtle, official look. And yes, these would look equally good for your evening get together with your office colleagues or a dinner with your client.

Office Jute Handbags


When it comes to winters, we usually associate dark and dull colours with the season. This season however also coincides with the festival season in colleges across the country. While youngsters throng to these college fests, you also want to look your best. Our colourful jute tote bags with a mix of Indian ethnic prints and a dash of freestyle prints can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe this winter. Be it an ethnic long skirt or blue denims, these new tote bags from Earthen Me will complete your look like no other.

Colourful Jute Tote Bags

Check out our entire collection at the link below:

So, what do you think about our new collection. Please do post your comments below to let us know your thoughts, feedback and comments.

In case of any questions or queries, please feel free to write to us at


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Just 2 ways to celebrate the most wonderful Christmas this year

This year, we at Earthen Me are going to do something we have never done before. Read more to find out what, where, why and how?

Though a little late, but the morning fog has started to engulf us in the northern parts of India. Days are beginning to get shorter, more windy and ofcourse more colder. What this also means is that Christmas and New year are just round the corner. And it will also be 2 months since Diwali.

As we will all get together with friends and family to bring in the festivities and enjoy the holiday season, we are reminded of a John Lewis video titled, ” Show someone they are loved this Christmas”. Because of the competitive life we are living, very often we tend to take for granted people very close to us. It is one thing to know that you love someone, it is absolutely a different feeling to express your emotion and tell them that you love. It could be your wife, your kids, your parents, some distant relatives (to whom you were very attached while growing up) or your close friend with whom you have not spoken to since a long time. Go ahead and make this Christmas special for them and for you by showing them that they are loved.

Here’s the John Lewis video which will surely inspire you to think, reflect and express:

We have another John Lewis video from last year which talks about sharing joys on Christmas, about giving someone the Christmas they have been dreaming of. There are millions out there who do not have the privilege or an opportunity to live a life they dream of. Through small efforts we can bring some cheers to their lives.

Enjoy the video and think of something that you wanna do this Christmas:

At Earthen Me, we have a staff of workers at our manufacturing unit who have a great skill of cutting and stitching our jute bags together. They are the hidden faces behind the brand you know who work tirelessly to bring the best of eco-fashion products to you. As we have been running this company and trying to build a brand, we realised that all these years we have failed to express our gratitude and recognise their contribution in helping us build Earthen Me. So this Christmas, we are going to carry with us the spirit of John Lewis’s songs and show our team at the manufacturing unit that they are loved by us and we are going to make it extra special for them by giving them the Christmas they had never dreamt of.

Here’s a little way in which you can share your joys with us. If you do end up getting inspired by this post and do something new this Christmas, share your story with us. We will publish it here and who knows you may have a special gift from us. Don’t forget to leave your stories in the comments section below.

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HOPE – The most important 4-letter word

They say, “History repeats itself” and it is only ironical that it has happened so in my case a little too early. As I sit here today at a stall showcasing our range of products at a Diwali Mela at MDI (my alma mater), from where it all actually started, I feel like I am right at the starting point once again. Interestingly, it has taken my team and me 3 years to complete the full circle.

Now, before I confuse you, I must mention that when I say we are back at the starting line, I don’t mean that literally. In these three years, Earthen Me has grown from a team of just two friends to a team of 10 people who are working hard to make the best quality products aimed at helping consumers adopt a sustainable lifestyle in a cool, fashionable way. We have sold over 5 Lakh eco products to consumers all over the world.

The growth that we have seen so far has come at a very steep price. Like a trek into the mountains, we have had our share of ups and downs. And the business has had its set of problems, some internal while some other external. There have been so many moments when we have tried to grow but failed to do so. In one of the funding rounds, we raised money through debt and completely blew it off without making even a single paisa out of it. While in another round, we succeeded partially.

There have been several days when the idea of quitting has crossed our minds. But then there has been that one thing that has kept us going – HOPE.

During the early days, when we had figured what kind of products we are going to sell, our biggest challenge was to find the cheapest method to reach out to our target customers. Traditional retail had the most depth but it was way too costly. Online businesses were beginning to mushroom and we thought let’s ride the wave. We started working on our own e-commerce website with no experience and the knowledge on how to build one. Outsourcing suited us best and the work started. Thomas from France who initially came in as an intern at Earthen Me started working to set the website up. A true entrepreneur at heart, he did his best to get the ball rolling. My friend and me however I believe were a little clueless at that stage, not sure on what to do next. Barring a few orders from friends and family, the website never took off. A lot of business would have closed at this stage. We just had the “HOPE” that we are onto something impactful and a little patience may help. So, we stuck around.

Snapdeal which was earlier just as a deal website had started selling products as well and through a chance meeting with them, we got our products listed on the portal. Within 24 hours, we went from 0 to 20 transactions a day. We thought, this might be the game changer. We went to Flipkart and got ourselves listed there too. Post which, we went into an overdrive and partnered with all the leading e-commerce websites that you can think in India. Sales improved, we saw a glimmer of excitement.

If you have been tracking the way ecommerce has grown in India, you would know that most companies are operating on wafer thin margins and are hardly making any money. Apart from the investment money, which ecommerce companies have raised, it is the sellers like us who supports their marketing initiatives with various deals on our products. As a result, we too take a big hit on our margins. Sales volumes however kept on increasing while margins kept squeezing. We cannot however deny the contributions all ecommerce companies have made on our business. They did bring us cash which is the most important fuel for any business. But, very soon we kind of got into an operational comfort zone where all that we were doing was managing operations across all the ecommerce companies. Now, this is an evil sign for any company. It is a recipe for a disaster about to come. We were not doing anything new, we had stopped innovating.

Very soon we realized we were not growing. We had in fact started to lose money every month. And because, we were not operating at a very huge scale it pinched us all the more. 6 months back we reached a stage wherein we were left with no cash to invest back into the company. We were just about meeting all our operations costs. We however once again chose not to give up.

We took a very critical look at our business and changed a lot of things. One thing that did not change was the undying “HOPE” inside us that things would only improve from here on.

On my own personal front, till last year, my wife was working in Google and we were at a slight comfort zone with respect to personal finances. In April 2014, however she decided to jump the start-up train too. We were confused, apprehensive and in two minds on how to deal with this. But, I believe when it comes to starting up, if you got to do it, you got to do it. She took the plunge and we did what we know best – keep moving forward. I once again “HOPED” that things would eventually fall into place.

My partner and dear friend Chetan has a tough life too. I know he fights an internal battle almost every single day and also with a lot of people around him. It takes huge amounts of conviction to stick around and I am so glad that he has. For in him, I have the most trust-worthy partner any start-up could dream of. And, whenever we meet and talk about the business, he very often mentions the word – HOPE.

I have now come to very strongly believe that the one word that every entrepreneur should hold onto very dearly is HOPE. There will be days and moments when conditions will try to pull you down, you will run out of your patience and it is only the HOPE for better times that will keep you going. Always, and I mean always keep your HOPES alive. Never lose them.

We at Earthen Me are a live example of the same.

Today, we are again at the crossroads. While people from all over the world are buying our products from various platforms where we are present today and we indeed have made Jute very popular, there is a good chance that they may not be able to recall the name of the brand. We now believe we can change that and are ready to take on the next curve. Our business is going through a transition and I can see some exciting times ahead. What will be destination of this journey is something I don’t know and very honestly I don’t want to know. The high that you get while on the road is enough to keep us going. And HOPE is always there.

So, here’s presenting to you a new us – a new version of Earthen Me.

We are LIVE once again on

Note: Author is Rohit Prakash, co-founder at Earthen Me



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Start of a new beginning

Hello World!

Just in case, you have accidentally landed up on this page, we are glad to share with you that we are coming back. Although we had not gone anywhere and we were very much in the business but have just reinvented the way we talk online.

From today, you will see a new us. We hope to bring cheers, good smiles, stylish fashion and some sensitivity towards our planet earth.

In the meanwhile, we would be happy if you could check out our website right here.

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